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PvP talk with See

posted Nov 03, 2011 01:04:30 by See
Hello everyone,
Make posts here with questions about PVP and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

I will usually be checking at 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time
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Liagarors said Nov 03, 2011 14:00:35
Rexa Skiinaza Rexa

Probably same build as Mod. Advice or opinion?
Rabbit said Nov 03, 2011 14:49:41
I don't like wind dragon anymore IMO
Liagarors said Nov 03, 2011 14:51:06
I will need a hunchback nigga like you LOL
Rabbit said Nov 03, 2011 16:36:13
Lol I am thinking about dropping speed and bringing attack up to at least 200 to hopefully take out rexa tanks if it hits the 6:1 ratio
Rabbit said Nov 03, 2011 16:40:27
Also @ see u said u wanted a thank.. Are u wanting a matk or a normal attack Thor ?
Rabbit said Nov 03, 2011 16:42:43
Either way I think u should put slightly more reg defense than mdef I have tested some builds and tell me what u think .. 180 def 170mdef and rest matk it seems to do better than I thought it would .. Let me know what ur opinion is
See said Nov 03, 2011 17:05:28
matk and I wasn't liking it. there seems to be three types of guards out there.
tanks - over 200def,mdef or 250+ in a single def stat leaving the other lower
low speed guards - anything less than 550 speed but more than 460
high speed guards - anything more than 550 speed

tank>high speed>low speed>tank

I'm seeing less and less low speed guards since clan shop 7 became open to the public more or less.

@liagarors wicked is a good guard but you need to choose which path you build it. low or high I say high because they don't normally win against rexa's even at low because they are having more def these days(don't put him in third spot). My relationship with wind dragon is love/hate. right now it has to be a low because at high it needs 3 senses(higher speed=lower matk) to kill a wicked.
Rabbit said Nov 03, 2011 17:22:25
What build were using on Thor ? Just curious .. I need to know where to start on a build so I am not running in circles and building what u already possibly have
Zhulander said Nov 03, 2011 22:41:20
Yea same as mine. I use it since it's very balanced and counters speeds in front and back, which are most common (mostly back), and I'm kinda still testing... Heh

Edit: I haven't been worrying about wicked since most of them can't take me out anyways, sometimes even with mark, it's sad how the majority of players don't know how to build lol
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soulless_mate said Nov 04, 2011 02:18:00
hiya, build for my rexa is 220 def mdef & rest atk but sometimes it gets taken out by rexa with similar build but of lower level which i cant understand. should i lower the def mdef to 200 and add into atk?

also, will it be better if i buy another thor and nt give it the hammer to increase the chance of judgement?

welcome any other advise thanks!
See said Nov 04, 2011 05:09:08
Mod, my guess is that most do know how to build wicked but there is a very weird middle line that doesn't work too well either way.
you either go high speed(600+) to take out basically any speed guard but you get shit on by tanks because you are doing 60-80's or you go low speed (like I talked about above) and due to people stacking more def BECAUSE of wicked being used more due to the increased amount of clan 7 access, the slow build is not very good for wicked.

Soulless, I would have to say that your losses to lower levels are due to RNG(bad luck) my theory on rexa is get 300-320 attack(because you will two shot almost any speed guard except t-02's and magic) and then put the rest into def, mdef as you see fit. obviously you won't win every time but this way you have a greater chance of beating speed guards.
Liagarors said Nov 05, 2011 02:55:27
I've swapped out 1 of my Rexas to make 2 speed guards followed by a tank. We'll see how it goes. I'm close to getting T-01. So might consider it in after getting sufficient Dark Crystals
Rabbit said Nov 08, 2011 03:18:43
@ liagarors IMO rexa is terrible till lvl 50 I have done alot of stat building and comparison with many different guards due to being bored and not having anything to do .. So I know quite a few really successful builds unfortunately these builds will work alot better at higher levels and just a FYI t-02 will smash a rexa with right build ;)
Rabbit said Nov 08, 2011 03:21:44
To add t02 will also beat wickeds even transformed wind mark the only down side is the weakness of mech.. It will be taken out by outcast and princess with ease but not before taking out half thier hp ;)
See said Nov 08, 2011 06:33:14
rexa became better today though. with the int buff he is hitting crazy hard.
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