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posted Nov 04, 2011 23:49:08 by See
What kind of guards do you guys hope Riida will put out next?
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Doeback said Nov 05, 2011 14:48:15
Badass looking as well as stat and attacks lol
See said Nov 05, 2011 17:24:39
Thanks for the generalized statement, care to be a little more specific?
WEAVILE-PS said Nov 05, 2011 20:48:13
They say 10 more new guards but I'm hoping they also decide to add transformations as well. I'd like to see ones for bombaman, shin, shadow and hellogi. As far as new guards, I'm guessing there may be 1 of each type. Althou they did say "some powerful ones". Maybe dragon queen and dark dragon!!! Who knows
Rabbit said Nov 08, 2011 03:13:41
Dark dragon and dragon queen are out of the question to bring into game at this point .. This was quoted from riida .. Said stats are overpowering compared to current guards in the game
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