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RNG. what's it all about?

posted Nov 04, 2011 23:33:56 by See
Some of you may be familiar with the initialism RNG but if you are not, it stands for Random Number Generator. Think of it as an indeterminate number of dice with an indeterminate number of sides. Whenever you fight anyone/anything in the game there are all these dice being rolled and tallied up to determine every aspect of the fight from who attacks first and how many times, which attack they use and how hard that attack hits.

Please post questions about this!
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soulless_mate said Nov 05, 2011 05:17:54
is it what you mean e.g. rexa A with speed say 100 vs rexa B with speed 90. rexa A will have a speed range of say 80-100 (range capped at the point allocated) and rexa B will have a speed range of say 70-90 which gives rexa A an advantage to go first but if bad luck strikes, rexa A gets a speed of 82 while rexa B gets a speed of 88, allowing rexa B go first despite the lower speed point allocation.
See said Nov 05, 2011 05:36:56
Something like that but the spaces are a lot bigger it seems like, that's how a rexa tank can sometimes get first hit on a balanced dogia, even though the dogia has 100 speed, the game corrects its self by allowing the dogia to double hit next turn but on some occasions that one hit from the rexa means the loss in fight between the last two guards. As far as the 100 speed vs the 90 speed I doubt you would notice a hit ratio for the first hit but if they were allowed to continue the battle for say 100 traded hits the one with 10 more speed should have at least one double hit.
Obviously this is mostly speculation based on observations.
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