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Call to Battle

posted Nov 09, 2011 01:41:36 by TheRealConnor
Here is what I've sketched out as a plan to have Skirmishes (Wars) against other clans. Please feel free to add and comment.

• Last approx 24 hours – 7:00pm (EST) to 7:00pm (EST) the following day
• Can be announced to opposing clan by Clan Leader or done stealth (without announcing our intentions)
• Post in clan forums by our Director of Warfare each day announcing the target and their approximate position in the clan list
• Members post each time they are successfully able to break into the clan, thus alerting the rest of us to break in and steal crystals
• Skirmish is over once the clan order is reset
• We have skirmishes every other day. This keeps it fresh and not a chore. Ideally, we start skirmishes on days when we are at the top of the clan list and can expect to keep minimal crystals.

Target Selection
• Target’s are selected each day by the Director of Warfare, subject to approval from Clan leader
• The initial target pool will be made up of:
o Clans level 5 or above (we don’t pick on clans lower than us)
o Clans with no or limited allies or allies of questionable strength (no need to have 5 clans vs. us)
o Clans that have been in the top 20 of our stolen crystals list during the previous week (we owe them retribution)
o Clans we feel we can overpower or are even matches with us (don’t start battles you don’t expect to win)
• Targets will be in the middle of the clan list or below. We don’t want to fight someone that everyone else is fighting. We want to appear #1 on their stolen crystals list that day.
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TheRealConnor said Nov 09, 2011 02:12:50
I've gone through and listed all of the clans level 5 and above. I excluded lvl 5 clans with less than 20 members and any other clans 6-7 with less than 10 members. I reviewed the clan roster and made an assessment of how we would do in a skirmish with them. This part is highly subjective, but it's a good start. The purpose of this was to develop a target list

Here is a clan summary:
Strength Assessment
Number of Clans Level Strong Fair Match Easy
1 10 1 0 0
22 7 5 12 5
47 6 1 2 44
40 5 0 1 39
Total 7 15 88

I'd post the excel file I created, but I don't know how.

I also took the last seven clan reports and looked at who was in the top 20 of our stolen crystals. Based on who attacked us and how often and their relative strength, here are our three potential targets.

The Class (lvl 7) - Stole crystals from us 4 times in the last week. Ranked as an easy target
True Summoners (lvl 6) - Stole crystals from us 3 times in the last week. Ranked as an easy target
Thailand Together (lvl 6) - Stole crystals from us 4 times in the last week. Ranked as a moderate (good match) target
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See said Nov 11, 2011 02:07:20
Very thorough, just so I and everyone else is clear, who is our "Director of Warfare"?
The clan strength assessment doesn't make much sense to me, would you mind clarifying the numbers or re-writing it to make a little more sense? :)
As for the excel file, I think you need to embed it but if that doesn't work then send me a PM in game and we can try to figure out a way to get it on here.
Awesome job!
TheRealConnor said Nov 14, 2011 18:01:12
The purpose of the Director of Warfare is to lighten the load of Rabbit and Luna. I had Roadkill in mind since he is "war happy". I'd be happy to select the targets and work with him. I'd prefer to be the man behind the curtains here.

Key difference to this approach and what we've been doing is:
1. More logical and retribution based
2. Would select targets that are challenging (so far they've all been a cakewalk)
3. Would continue for 24 hours. No surrender. No need for a bunch of messages. You steal from us, we mess you up.

Having trouble embedding the file. I link I need to upload it via FTP. I'm pretty ignorant with this kind of stuff as I don't have an FTP server.
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